The Elmfield Hall of Fame!

NBA Presentation Evening 2022

The 2021-22 season was a great one for Elmfield as the club claimed five league titles (Mixed Premier Division, Mixed C Division, Men’s Premier Division, Men’s A Division & Ladies’ Premier Division) and collected their trophies at the annual Presentation Evening (as well as winning the quiz!)

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Christmas Meal 2021

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Northumberland Junior County Restricted Tournaments 2021

Well done to Elmfield junior players, Charlotte Graham & Xuehan Zhang, who competed in the U17 & U19 Northumberland Junior Restricted Tournaments on 9th & 10th October!
  • Charlotte won the Under 19 Girls’ Singles & Mixed Doubles (with Tim Bodani) then was runner up in the Girls’ Doubles (with Amy Ward)
  • Xuehan won the U17 Boy’s Singles & Mixed Doubles (with Ellen Davison) then was runner up in the Boy’s Doubles (with Ryan Cockett)


Senior County Restricted Tournaments 2021

Well done to the 10 Elmfield players who competed in their respective county restricted tournaments over the last few weeks! Elmfield players: Garrylee McMullen, Rachel Frobisher, Lucy Dodd, Catherine Thomas, Richie Eaton, Kate McGill, Charlotte Graham, Lee Wise, Xuehan Zhang & Holly Robson

Northumberland Senior Restricted:
  • Garrylee was a double county champion winning the Men’s Doubles with Phil Pahatouridis and the Men’s Singles then coming runner up in the Mixed Doubles with Lauren Young
  • Rachel won the Mixed Doubles with Phil Pahatouridis
  • Lucy was runner up in the Ladies’ Doubles with Ellen Davison
Northumberland Graded Tournament:
  • Xuehan was runner up in the C Graded Men’s Singles
Durham Senior Restricted:
  • Holly was also a double county champion winning the Ladies’ Singles and the Mixed Doubles with Alex Robinson then coming runner up in the Ladies’ Doubles with Jacqueline You

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Elmfield Junior Lucy Dodd makes England debut!

Lucy represented England in the U15 Quadrangular in Scotland from 1st – 3rd October 2021 where England won the team event then Lucy also won the Girls’ Doubles (with partner Lucy Brierley from Derbyshire) & the Mixed Doubles (with partner Dan Kemp from Cumbria) in the individual events!

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Elmfield lockdown Zoom quizzes during 2020!

quiz3 quiz2 quiz1

Elmfield members watched the Mixed 1 match on 27/02/20 with bated breath!


Ladies’ 1st Team – Premier Division Winners 2019/20


Christmas Meal 2019

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Mr. Mulligan’s Space Golf 2019

Congratulations to the winner, runner up and 3rd place at Mr. Mulligan’s Space Golf on Saturday 5th October 2019!

  • Winner – Jack Torbett
  • Runner up – Garrylee McMullen
  • 3rd place – Charlotte Flower

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Senior County Restricted Tournaments 2019

12 Elmfield members competed in their respective Senior County Restricted tournaments on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September 2019.

Holly Robson and Emma S’ari competed in the Durham County Restricted and Rachel Frobisher, Eleanor Laws, Cara Vincenti, Garrylee McMullen, Mikey Charlton, Steve Storey, Lee Wise, Charlotte Graham, Sonny Ho, and George Moran competed in the Northumberland Restricted!

  • Holly Robson – Durham County Ladies’ Singles winner, Mixed Doubles winner (with partner Alex Robinson) and Ladies’ Doubles runner up (with partner Amber Zijlma)
  • Eleanor Laws & Cara Vincenti – Northumberland A Grade Ladies’ Doubles winners
  • Rachel Frobisher – Northumberland A Grade Ladies’ Doubles runner up (with partner Lauren Young) and Northumberland A Grade Mixed Doubles runner up (with partner Phil Pahatouridis)
  • Garrylee McMullen – Northumberland A Grade Mixed Doubles winner (with partner Lauren Young) & Northumberland A Grade Men’s Singles winner
  • Garrylee McMullen & Mikey Charlton – Northumberland A Grade Men’s Doubles runners up
  • Charlotte Graham – Northumberland B Grade Mixed Doubles winner (with partner Tim Bodani)
  • Lee Wise – Northumberland B Grade Mixed Doubles runner up (with partner Sandra Merfels)
  • Sonny Ho – Northumberland C Grade Mixed Doubles winner (with partner Ellen Davison)

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Ale Tour 2019

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Summer 2019 Graded Doubles Tournament

6 Elmfield members competed in the Northumberland Graded Doubles tournament on 21st July with some excellent results!

  • Rachel Frobisher won the A Grade Mixed Doubles (with partner Phil Pahatouridis)
  • Charlotte Graham won the Ladies’ Doubles (with partner Amy Ward) and the C Grade Mixed Doubles (with partner Tim Bodani)
  • Sonny Ho was runner up in the C Grade Men’s Doubles (with partner Finlay Smith)

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Christmas Meal 2018

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Christmas Tournament 2018

  • Men’s Winner – Jack Dye
  • Men’s Runner Up – Mike Smith
  • Ladies’ Winner – Emma S’ari
  • Ladies’ Runner Up – Charlotte Flower

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November 2018 Graded Doubles Tournament

9 Elmfield members competed in the Northumberland Graded Doubles tournament on 18th November with some great results, including an all-Elmfield B Grade Men’s Doubles final!

  • A Grade Ladies’ Doubles Winners – Holly Robson & Rachel Frobisher
  • B Grade Men’s Doubles Winners – Dan Rogerson & Mikey Charlton
  • B Grade Men’s Doubles Runners Up – Steve Storey & Lee Wise
  • B Grade Mixed Doubles Runners Up – Rachel Frobisher (with partner Andy Renton)
  • C Grade Mixed Doubles Runners Up – Charlotte Graham (with partner Tim Bodani)

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2018 Handicap Club Level Doubles Tournament

The Elmfield Hndicap Level Doubles Tournament ran on 13th November with 4 men’s doubles pairs & 5 women’s doubles pairs battling for the prestigious title.

Mikey Charlton & Luke Morgan claimed the Men’s Doubles title and Holly Robson & Rachel Frobisher claimed the Ladies’ Doubles title.


Northumberland Badminton Association Senior Restricted Tournament 2018

There was an excellent Elmfield turnout at the Northumberland Graded Senior Restricted with 13 Elmfield players competing and some great results!

  • Eleanor Laws & Mike Smith – A Grade Mixed Doubles winners
  • Alison Thompson (with partner Ryan Jelley) – A Grade Mixed Doubles runners up
  • Eleanor Laws & Catherine Thomas – A Grade Ladies’ Doubles winners
  • Beth Martin-Brand (with partner Beth Grundy) – A Grade Ladies’ Doubles runners up
  • Seb Lippiatt (with partner Ellie Roberts) – B Grade Mixed Doubles runners up
  • Charlotte Graham (with partner Finlay Smith) – C Grade Mixed Doubles winners

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NBA Presentation Evening 2018

Huge congratulations to Christine Walker from Elmfield Badminton Club who received one of the prestigious Volunteer Awards at the Northumberland Badminton Presentation Evening on Saturday 2nd June 2018. Christine is the longest serving current member of Elmfield BC, club match secretary and has undertaken numerous committee and captaincy roles over the years, a very well deserved award!

Well done Christine and thank you for all your hard work at the club!

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Bowling & Mini Golf Social 2018

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Christmas Meal 2017
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Christmas Tournament 2017 Winners – Dan & Christine

NBA Presentation Evening 2017

Christmas Tournament 2016
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NBA Presentation Evening 2016

Men’s 1st Team – Premier Division Winners 2015/16

Ale Tour 2015
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Men’s 2nd Team – B Division Winners 2012/13

Elmfield on tour! Isn’t it amazing where in the world Elmfield t-shirts can be found?!

Sydney  New Zealand
Hong Kong

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